DJ Tips – Organizing your iTunes

February 26, 2018

I’ve decided to start giving out some basic beginner type tips for upcoming DJs or for anyone looking to see how I do certain things. I’m not trying to cure cancer with these vidz, I wanna keep it simple and easy. Here’s my first one, organizing iTunes! I always had the damn’dest time figuring out the best way to be organized…through all my years I’ve come down to this method…may not be the best, but it damn sure works for me! Enjoy!

2017 Wrap Up Mix

January 19, 2018

Collection of hits from 2017 from ALL genre’s and top remixes I played throughout the year at my gigs. Mixed ALL live, no ableton computer BS, with a bottle of whiskey. Cheers & Enjoy!

Seoul, South Korea

January 18, 2018

Started off 2018 with Seoul, South Korea!  It was a great way to bring in the New Year.  I’m not the best at capturing everything, I live more in the moment, but what I did capture I put in this video.  Enjoy & we have great things coming in the new year.  The Kidd Star Brand & Live Wire Empire will be partnering up with GDM Consulting to bring into Seoul, American cutlure & DJ Kidd Star.  This will be a huge opportunity and something that I look forward to working on for the next year.  So excited about the possibilities of entering a new market!  Cheers to a successful 2018!