2017 Wrap Up Mix

January 19, 2018

Collection of hits from 2017 from ALL genre’s and top remixes I played throughout the year at my gigs. Mixed ALL live, no ableton computer BS, with a bottle of whiskey. Cheers & Enjoy!

Seoul, South Korea

January 18, 2018

Started off 2018 with Seoul, South Korea!  It was a great way to bring in the New Year.  I’m not the best at capturing everything, I live more in the moment, but what I did capture I put in this video.  Enjoy & we have great things coming in the new year.  The Kidd Star Brand & Live Wire Empire will be partnering up with GDM Consulting to bring into Seoul, American cutlure & DJ Kidd Star.  This will be a huge opportunity and something that I look forward to working on for the next year.  So excited about the possibilities of entering a new market!  Cheers to a successful 2018!