Las Vegas Spin-Off Contest

Aight Party People…I need your help. I entered the Vegas Spin-Off contest this past week and NEED YOUR VOTES! The contest was we had to remix a song chosen by this site. The top 7 remixes (5 based on judges, 2 based on popularity) get entered into a DJ Battle in Las Vegas @ Marquee in the Cosmopolitan, apparently the #1 spot in Las Vegas.

The catch is in order to get to the voting process you need to be in the Top 10 contestants as far as # of people who voted for you.  SO, Imma need you to click on the link below and vote for my remix!!!  I need all your help and can’t thank you enough in advance.  We need to show Vegas what they’ve been missing, a real party rockin’ DJ!!!  Click the link below and let’s send a message to them Vegas peeps and show ’em how the South Do!!!




3 Music Video’s to be Released before Fall

That’s right…3 music video’s before Fall.  After much delay, “Big Ol’ Trick” is ready to be released.  “Big Ol’ Trick” is the second single off the album but I wanted to release it with some other tracks off the album that won’t really be pushed as a single but still great tracks that I felt needed a video to and also to make it a BIG release.  One of the tracks is the Mixed Motionz B’boy Anthem “Top Rock It” which I’m already gettin’ great feedback from.  The second is a collaboration I did with DJ Lazzzie Boy & Buzz Amato called “It’s ALL Live”, it’s a great sounding track that brings the old school breaks into the new era.

Below are some snap shots of the video while we were shooting them…

“Big Ol’ Trick” is a great video with a 20’s theme and features Starr Jamezz who captivates the audience with her sing along hook “I love it when you come around, you big ol trick”.  This video was actually shot a year ago this November at Pearl Bistro in Atlanta, GA.  I love this video due to the fact that it was such a huge production.  Definitely one of the ones I went all out on.  Remixes are on the way for this song and I will be releasing the song during the Fall.

“Top Rock It” is the B’boy Battle Anthem for my official B’boy crew Mixed Motionz and features a live battle between Kydsonx & Grinzz and the infamous Top Rocking B’boys do while in battle.   This video was shot in Augusta, GA, home of the Mixed Motionz crew.  What better way to shoot a video then in their hometown.  We got a great spot to shoot the video thanks to Shep “The Film Tek”, our newest addition the E-Hop Brigade & Live Wire.  Starr Jamezz is featured on this track and is sure to be a staple in the b’boy scene.

“It’s ALL Live” was shot in Macon, GA at Club Asylum where I play 2x month.  We took it to the clubs for this one and yes we shot it LIVE.  We did it in one take because I wanted to give everyone a real life scenario and snap shot of what we do from start to finish with our shows.  We brought our rig in, thanks to the Krazy Boyz, and really set the place on fire!  You’ll see what I’m talking about!

I’m excited to finally release these video’s and can’t wait for you all to see them.

-DJ Kidd Star

Gametime Tour – Columbus, GA

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in Columbus, but if DJ Roonie G is gonna ask me to spin then I’m there in a heartbeat!  This is gonna be fun!  I love spinning for clubs that were built by DJs, WHY??? Because we DJs know what a club needs to go off and know what it takes to throw a party.  It’s another stop on the Gametime Tour which has been going great, so keep tuning in and I will post video & pics from night…SEE YOU THERE!

Bragg Jam Festival with Mix Master Mike & DJ Vh1

This is a late post but still wanted to put it up…I mean it’s Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys & DJ Vh1, Lady Gaga’s DJ.  It was a great show, Mix Master Mike cut it up like no other and Vh1 surprised me with his Hip-Hop set.  I mean I def thought he was gonna play up the Lady Gaga card!  All in all, Asylum is the ONLY place in Macon to through a show.  If you were there you know what I’m talking about.

The show was slammed & lasted till 3am, but honestly, after drinking whiskey all night with DJ Vh1, I lost count of time & forgot to take pictures, so you’re just gonna have to take my word on it all.  BTW, whiskey leads to drunken binge on Denny’s nacho’s, which unless you have a steel stomach I don’t suggest.

It’s always fun to pick the brains of other DJs, and picking the brains of these two cats was a good time!  I’m already looking forward to next year’s Bragg Jam!  HOLLA!!!