Dubstep Rmx to Rah! (It’s Gametime)

I contacted my boy Structure from Macon, GA to do a remix for Rah! (It’s Gametime) and all I can say is WOW!  Listen below, he does a monster job of putting a whole new spin to the song and dare I say has me liking DUBSTEP???  Lol, Check him out on facebook and let him know what you think of the remix! 

Google Maps Driving – Google Maps Gives Driving Directions

Google Maps functions admirably as an investigation device. You can enter catchphrases, much the same as the web internet searcher, and significant outcomes will be uncovered as markers on a guide. You can look for the names of urban areas, states, milestones, or even just kinds of organizations from general classes, for example, ‘pizza’ or ‘stallion riding.

Google Maps Interface

Maps is a standard realistic portrayal of boulevards, city names, and points of interest. Satellite is a satellite view woven together from business satellite photographs. Satellite view doesn’t give any geographic names, only the crude picture. Half breed is a mix of satellite symbolism with an overlay of lanes, city names, and points of interest. This is like turning on the streets, outskirts, and populated spots names in Google Earth. Road see offers an all encompassing perspective of the region from road level. Google occasionally refreshes road see utilizing an auto with an exceptional camera joined to the best.

Few out of every odd region has enough definite data to zoom intently in Satellite or Hybrid view. At the point when this happens, google maps driving a message that requests that you zoom out. It would be pleasant on the off chance that it either did this consequently or changed to Maps see.


Google Maps additionally gives an overlay of activity data in select US urban areas. The streets will be green, yellow, or red, contingent upon the level of clog announced. There is no point by point data disclosing to you why a zone is congested, however when you explore, Google will by and large reveal to you a gauge of to what extent you will be deferred.

Road View

On the off chance that you need to see much more detail than a satellite picture, you can zoom to Street View in many urban areas.

This capacity enables you to see 360-degree photos of the genuine road level view. You can zoom along a street or move the camera to either side to see the street as it would really show up on a street trip

It’s amazingly useful for somebody endeavoring to drive some place out of the blue. It’s additionally exceptionally cool for the “Web visitor,” who likes to see popular areas on the Web.

Google Map Manipulation

Controlling maps inside Google Maps is like the way you’d control maps inside Google Earth. Snap and drag the guide to move it, double tap on a point to focus that point and zoom in nearer. Twofold right-tap on the guide to zoom out.

More Navigation

In the event that you incline toward, you can likewise explore with the zoom and bolt catches on the upper left corner of the guide. There’s likewise a little diagram window on the base right corner of the guide, and you can utilize your console bolt catches to explore too.

Customized Driving Directions

I tried this component with driving bearings to the zoo, since I knew the most brief course included a toll street. Google Maps cautioned me that my course incorporated a fractional toll street, and when I tapped on that progression in the driving headings, it indicated the correct spot on the guide, and I could drag the course to the marginally longer street that maintained a strategic distance from tolls.

Google Maps gives you a chance to move driving headings for any course to modify your movement. You can likewise see activity information while you do this, so you can design a course finished less bustling lanes. On the off chance that you happen to know a street is under development, you can likewise effectively drag your course to maintain a strategic distance from this.

The printable guidelines are refreshed with your new course, alongside refreshed separation and driving time gauges.

This element is to a great degree intense, and in some cases somewhat hard to utilize. It’s anything but difficult to coincidentally drag the new course to back finished itself or drive in circles. On the off chance that you commit an error, you have to utilize the back bolt on your program to fix it, which may not be natural for a few clients. Regardless of the periodic glitch, this is most likely outstanding amongst other new highlights to ever happen to Internet driving headings.