NCAA 2012

I had the opportunity to DJ for the NCAA Tournament here in Atlanta for the Regionals & was asked to make a Mixtape for all of the owners box’s in the other regionals to play.  It was a lot of fun & Rah! (It’s Gametime) was a hit and loved by all sports enthusiasts. Unfortunately my team didn’t make it to the final 4, Syracuse, but I will still be going to New Orleans with a smile!  I got to chop it up with John Salley, John Cougar Mellencamp & Meg Ryan, they were sweatin’ me all night, it was so embarrassing!  And yes, they made us wear the ref jersey’s, although as you see on the Rah! Single cover, I’m growing attached to those damn shirts!!!

Below is the mixtape I made for the NCAA Tournament, real simple, I was asked to make a mix with sports songs, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s & today’s music.  Let me know how you think I did and ENJOY!

Southshore Tavern, New Orleans

Coming Back to New Orleans, YESSIR!  I’m excited to be invited back by Southshore Tavern!  This party is gonna be something special not only ’cause I’m back in the Nola, but also because I just came from DJing the NCAA tourney in Atlanta promoting Rah! (It’s Gametime) & now I’m back for the final 4 in New Orleans, passing out the sports anthem!  I’m stoked!  Be sure to come through and see the show, I’ll be bringing my B’boys with me and spinning our newest music video’s so clear the calendar!

Rah! gets picked up by the movie, “Coming & Going”

Was excited to find out Rah! got picked up by the movie “Coming & Going” which was aired on TNT & released to DVD this Spring! The film includes the Cast, Rhys Darby (“Flight of the Conchords”) & Sasha Alexander (“Dawsons Creek”, “Mission Impossible 3”, “He’s Just Not That Into You”), there were other Actors but I don’t wanna try to write a resume! Ha! The song was featured in a club scene and the movie is actually really good.  If you’re in the mood for a good laugh, I suggest you go buy it if you can, it’s in all the stores & the link to purchase & preview it is below.