New Kidd Star Single “Club Jam Packed” feat. Starr Jamezz & DJ Drive

Here is a beat I made featuring the e-Hop Queen, Starr Jamezz and DJ Drive who provides the nasty scratches (this cat is sick, keep an eye out for him!!!).  I sampled the Enrique Iglesias “I like it” synth but added piano behind it.  Everything else, was a la Kidd Star.  DJ Drive on the cuts, this man is siiiick!  Me and Drive have been spinnin’ it and gettin’ huge responses from it!  You can check out the video I did for it on my youtube page,

Aight Party People, ENJOY!!!  And remember to “Play Loud or Don’t Play at ALL!!!”

Happy Holidays Party People!

DJ Kidd Star

Welcome to my new website, This is just part of the whole website, the whole website will be up in Feb. 2011, This site is where you can find me being the crazy Kidd Star you all know and where you will be able to find FREE music, Video’s, Show listings and Personal Happenings & Unpopular Opinions of mine in the Music Business & Industry. Browse around and let me know what you think!

This past year has been a test for me personally, so that is why you may have not seen me much. This past winter my group, 3 Bad Brothaz, parted ways, in spring I finished up my solo album, Kidd Star & The e-Hop Brigade, the following summer based on my album, my label Live Wire Empire, partnered up and signed with Ishi Records (formerly Ichiban) & Kala Entertainment to get National distribution and Radio support. And now, I’ve just tied up all loose ends & such and am ready to fire full steam ahead. I’m excited for the New Year, at this point in my career I truly feel it’s time to compete with the big dawgs and currently I have all the platforms to do so.

For all those who stuck with me and helped me out throughout this year, I am extremely thankful and in your debt. Shout outs to my Family, The Payes Adminstration, Buzz, Slipp, Kydsonyx, Grinzz, Starr Jamezz, Conflict, Pen Pals, Lazzzy Boy, John, Justin, Jason & the whole Krazyboyz team, DJ Drive, DJ Xtreme, DJ Buddha, DJ Knuckles, DJ Cliffy D, Mel Industry’s, Primetime, Ric, Julian, Tom, Steve W and Ashley. All your help has been instrumental in allowing me to continue on this path of mine.

This Holiday Season I am thankful that I am still in the game doing what I love and that I still have opportunity ahead of me. I’m also thankful for all my fans, you are the greatest! For all your support, this Holiday I am giving out my album for FREE for a limited time, just click on link below…


All I ask in return is if you enjoy it, please visit iTunes or Amazon and purchase one song for .99 and post a comment for me!


All your support goes a long way, you have no idea! Thank you all once again and I look forward to keeping in touch with you all personally through this site and providing you with the best music & shows in the business!!! I will also be putting out a podcast, The Live Wire Radio Show, every week on Thursday, starting the New Year for your listening pleasure. There is one now you can download, it was a test run I did last week. The upcoming podcasts will include any & all music and a 5 minute diabolical hater commentary by yours truly on what my pessimistic self thinks about the current on-goings and state of music around the city, state, country & world! I’m excited!

Alright peeps, I’m out, enjoy your vacation and you’ll be hearing from me soon!


Whack DJ’s beware, I’m taking you out one by one, you’re ruining music & the club scene!

What? You thought I was gonna be all happy go lucky, kumbai-ya on your ass??? ha,ha,ha,ha,ha…