DJs will soon be Extinct

As if it’s not already happening now, this just speeds up the process. Some people will say, you’ll never replace the human “element” of DJing. Well I’d hate to ruin your birthday surprise but the human “element” has been replaced in most of your bars/nightclubs with just the equipment DJs now use. More & more DJs rely on technology to get them through their night. When Serato first hit, DJs no longer had to use their ear to beat match. Now, with Serato’s new app, Pyro, you no longer need a DJ to beat match the music this app does it by itself.

All the moronic club owners & promoters will be using this moving forward & soon this app will be a staple in 75% of your bars & clubs. And while yes, it does serve it’s purpose for let’s say the afternoon shift at a bar, the only other thing it does is take away even more gigs from the DJ & the art or whatever art is left of DJing. Serato should be ashamed of itself for using the art of DJing to make a profit, then inventing software to ruin the art. Sh*t, the only people that love this app is people like Paris Hilton. Who now will be able to slay whatever party she DJs.

I’m pouring a healthy glass of whiskey right now to deal with this BS…just writing about it makes me pissed off. And it’s because of idiotic moves on behalf of companies like Serato who think their so smart when in fact all their doing is ruining the beauty of something.

And please spare me the line, “you gotta get with the times”, ’cause the only thing these times have brought us is push play DJs & pre-programmed “live” sets. Enjoy the future my friends, CHEERS!!!