LIVE Music Video Shoot

Video #4 off the album, Kidd Star & The E-Hop Brigade, will be shot this July 8th at Asylum Nightclub in       Macon, GA.  I will be shooting the video for “It’s ALL Live”, song is below for you to check out along with a link to the Event Page on Facebook.

The concept behind this video is that we will be capturing LIVE what it is like for us the day of the show, from morning to night, start to close…Nothing is rehearsed, everything will be LIVE just like the song, get it, ha!  I feel as though all these video’s currently out don’t really show what it takes from start to finish to put on a show, especially all by yourself.  Remember, I run an independent label, which means I do as much of the business as the music and to wear both those hats is extremely tough.

But I wanted to portray not only my perspective of what it takes to prepare & perform for the show, but also the MC, the B’boy, the Dancer & the DJ.  Everything that is E-Hop, all the elements that make this music what it is, will be showcased in the video.  It also features, Conflict & Starr Jamezz, E-Hop veterans and the new member, Patience.  Patience sings on the hook and really brings the song to a new level.

This song actually started out in DJ Lazzzie Boy’s computer, he was always on me to collab on a track and his original work on this caught my ear.  I then took the track, added/subtracted to it and brought in the brigade to sprinkle that special sauce on it.  It’s a great track that spotlights everyone in the brigade, I’m extremely happy with how it came out and can’t wait to put the video to it!

I will begin shooting the video July 8th at 10am…Sooooo, if you wanna be featured or in the video you need to be there bright and early.  Where is there?  Ck the facebook event page and the location will be put up a week before the event.  There is no need to dress up, this is a LIVE video shoot so I want to capture what it really looks like when we get ready for shows.  ‘Cause I know for a fact none of us look spectacular in the AM, so come comfortable but definitely have something to wear later that night at the club.  We will leave Atlanta and head down to Macon filming the entire 90 minute trip, once there we will be setting up the stage for the event.

I am bringing in extra Visuals & Lighting courtesy of Krazyboyz Ent., these guys are awesome just wait till you see this rig!  After we set up we will break and get ready for the show.  Show starts at 10p, but the LIVE performance will be at 12:30am.  We will have opening DJ sets by DJ Saw, NRG & Lazzzie Boy, whom will also be having his CD release party and be giving away free CD’s to all whom come.  The schedule is listed below, all who come with us will have a VIP area to hang out in throughout the night.  I hope to see anyone & everyone there, and if not…VIDEO is COMING SOON!!!


Click Here For Facebook Event Page

10a – Depart Atlanta

12p – Arrive in Macon

12p -4p – Set up Trussing, Lighting and DJ Equipment.

8p – Roll Call for MC’s, DJ’s & Dancers.

9p – Dry Run of Performance

10p – Club Opens

10p – DJ Saw

11p – DJ Lazzzie Boy

12p – DJ Kidd Star

2a – DJ Nrg

3a – Club Closed

It’s ALL Live by kiDDSTAR