VIDEO #2 off my album, Kidd Star & The E-Hop Brigade,  “It’s ALL Live”  features the E-Hop Brigade (DJ Lazzzie Boy, Starr Jamezz, Conflict, Be Patientz) & The Krazy Boyz Show (NRG, GQ & CT).  This video was shot in Macon, GA at Asylum, one of the clubs I had a residency in…Great club & MASSIVE SOUND, so it was fitting to do the video there.  We did it all in one take, hence “It’s ALL Live”, we brought in our own rig and made it one hell of a show…it was a lot of fun shooting this one.  Now I know there are gonna be some questions regarding the hook, “You really wanna mess with 3, Bad Brothaz…”, all I can say is stay tuned…I got some plans, always trying to “upgrade”, lol.  Alright, well enjoy the video and DJ’s…video edits are coming keep checking in!