New Group, RAT BASTARDZ Formed & their 1st Remix

This past month in April, myself, Buzz & Slipp (both of whom helped co-produce my album) decided to form a production group “Rat Bastardz”. It all started when we were speaking of how remixing, specifically DJ Remixing, today has totally changed into a “mash-up” land & the people who are remixing aren’t really doing a whole lot musically.  So we decided to put together a group and dedicate some of our time to remixing some old classics.  The first one we finished was the Beatles “A Little Help From My Friends”.  We were able to get the studio wave tracks, there were only 4 (that’s how they did them back in the day, whoa!!!), vocals, back-up vocals, guitars & drums/bass.  We took a whole different approach to the remix and put a lot of tricky stuff in it so ANY & ALL Beatles fans can appreciate the remix.  Take a listen for yourself and join our new fan page on facebook and let us know your thoughts!

Fan Page

More to come from the Rat Bastardz so keep checkin’ in!

With a Little Help From My Friends (Rat Bastardz Remix) by kiDDSTAR