RIP Prince & Thank you

It’s so sad & I still can’t wrap me head around it. At 57, Prince died. I just felt he’d live a lot longer & we’d eventually see an old and wrinkly Prince.

I found out like the rest of the world on Thurs morning & first thing I did was start playing Prince music. Maybe it’s ’cause I’m a DJ but that’s all I’ve been doing since Thurs & it’s Sunday now. I know everyone is saying “He will be missed” and all of the stuff people say when stars pass away, but people don’t understand what we’re losing. Especially all these “producers” & “artists” nowadays.

Prince was the ultimate artist/musician/producer/performer & entertainer. He was one of the few left. Soon this type of Artist will be extinct, much sooner than you think. Prince could play any instrument, write songs that touched any and everyone, was well versed in almost every genre & wasn’t afraid to make music differently. His shows were something out of this world, unfortunately I only saw his shows via playback & now Youtube. But one of the best ones I saw was at the Super Bowl XLI Halftime show, how fitting that it would be the Super Bowl where Peyton Manning got his first Lombardi Trophy, another hero of mine & a legend in his game.

Super Bowl Halftime Show

Another great show if you wish to google it is the Syracuse ’85 show, WHOA, that was amazing. Prince performed his songs differently for his shows. Always giving the audience something different, something special. He was special. If you want to mold yourself after someone musically, it doesn’t get better than Prince.

I always played Prince’s music in my DJ sets, that ain’t no lie either. I remember people leaving the floor sometimes but I didn’t care ’cause it was Prince and those cats didn’t know any better, I just stood there and laughed. Sh*t, I’m listening to him right now as I write this & I’m just like DAMN, this music man…I mean, do you know how many albums Prince put out??? 39 Studio albums & 4 Live albums, WTF????? Did this guy sleep? Not too mention, each one of those albums is great, I mean OK I’ll play devils advocate and say from a critics standpoint, even at Prince’s worst he was still GOOD! You won’t see artists be able to do that today. NEVER. Sh*t, no one even puts albums out hardly, let alone produce them, play on them, sing on them, write them & then perform the hell out of them LIVE with no underlying vocal track & efx.

Music is in a sad state at the moment & we lost one of the all-time great ones. One of the great ones that we should study & learn from. I will miss him, but will keep spinning that Prince Purple to do my part to keep the man alive! Thank you Prince for giving us some of the greatest music ever.